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Co-Counselling Core Training

This co-counselling course guides participants in using a simple, friendly set of tools for mental and emotional wellbeing. Facilitators Celia and Kevin are part of the worldwide CCI (Co-counselling International) network with decades of combined experience supporting others in their self development journeys.

Co-counselling is helpful for

  • Day-to-day bumps and celebrations
  • Shaking off the blues
  • Tackling difficulties we have put up with for years
  • Exercising mind and emotions—an emotional gym
  • Free access to life-long peer co-counselling network
  • Having remarkably good effects on our lives
  • How good friends may help each other
Co-counselling Session Structure – 6 minutes. Video by Richard Mills via Youtube.

Find out more online

How this core training works

  • Fourteen zoom classes held on Wednesdays 7pm to 9pm UK time
  • Runs from March 20 to July 17 2024 with breaks
  • Weekly practice sessions online or in-person
  • Combining the benefits of online classes with in-person practice sessions where possible
  • If your means allow, we ask you to pay £100 to £250, if not, please contact us.
  • Fees for non-UK/EU residents will be adjusted to match local costs

Local Hubs

In addition to the Zoom classes there are four in-person practice sessions with your local hub. The United Kingdom and international hub locations are Didcot, London, Hastings, Brighton, Lake District, Turku–Finland and Cape Town–South Africa.

An online hub will be available for participants who don’t live near a town with a hub.

Enquire & Sign up

18 March 2024: We are no longer accepting enrolment as the course is full.

To apply to join the course click the sign-up form button directly above. We encourage you to apply as soon as you’re able as places are limited. Email us at to request a phone call or if wish to ask about anything else.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Celia and Kevin